Our first approach to building this kit was to have the minimal number of parts possible. The benefit of this approach is that a) it is as cheap as possible, b) it is as light as possible, and c) as simple as possible.

You could go to one of the many on-line suppliers [INSERT LINK TO SUPPLIERS PAGE] of Meccano parts and buy the bare minimum, but we’d recommend against that.

As we found out this approach also as one big disadvantage – it doesn’t allow you to adapt the rig to the multitude of different mobile devices on the market! What about chocolate bar devices, slide-out keyboards, touch-screen, weird shaped devices?

We modified our initial approach to take all these different devices into account – we bought one of the many Meccano box kits which contains hundreds of parts which gives you enough parts to build possibly 2-3 testing kits. You can build holders for the most popular device form-factors, and then you can interchange the camera very quickly.

So, here is the *bare* minimum parts list:

You can also download a pdf copy of our parts list [INSERT LINK TO UPDATED PDF FILE] to help when you’re constructing.