This short video tutorial shows how to assemble the DIY testing kit from scratch. The kit assembly is very simple, but the first time you try, it may be a little tricky.

We suggest you play this video a number of times while you build it for the first time (tip: you can pause the video at each step).

There are 5 main steps in the construction:

(these links will bring you to each step in the video tutorial)

  1. Pick a Meccano strip that fits the width of the mobile device you are testing.
  2. Attach the two strips to the trunions with the nuts on the outside.
  3. Attach an 11 hole strip, to the back of the cross strips, with the nuts on the outside.
  4. Attach the camera to the top of the 11-hole strip, with the jubilee clip.
  5. Cover the inside of each trunion with a bit of blu-tac.
  6. Plug the USB extension cable to the camera.
  7. Start testing! 🙂