The idea of this project was to provide a cheap, easy and reliable kit for people to build themselves. We built this kit with the minimum parts we thought were needed – of course, you might come up with an even smaller list of parts!

Here is a full list of parts we used.

2 x trunions (Meccano part #126)
2 x 5 hole strips (Meccano part #5)
2 x 6 hole strips (Meccano part #6)
1 x 11 hole strips (Meccano part #2)
6 x screws (Meccano part #69)
6 x nuts (Meccano part #37h)
1 x 13-20mm jubliee clip
2 x Hue HD webcam
1 USB male – female extension cable
2 packets of blu-tac
1 Allen key
1 Meccano spanner
1 phillips head (cross head) screwdriver
1 Windows computer (or a virtual machine)
Camstudio software
You can also download a pdf copy of our parts list to help when you’re constructing.