Hi, and welcome to the DIYMUT project – Do It Yourself Mobile Usability Testing Project!

We built this website mainly as a repository of designs, information for our Mobile Usability Rig project and feedback we’ve received. We have been very happy with the response we received. Thank you all!

As an indy software developer your main interest is in building new and useful applications for your users. While you really want to build the best services, you might not have budget to carry out “expensive” user testing.

Our approach is the try and cut out the majority of the expense for you – you can build a DIY mobile usability testing kit for less than $200.

Here you’ll find our conference presentations, building resources (including designs, parts lists, suppliers), feedback we have received, and some nice words from different people.

All of the information here is freely available to anyone who wants to use it, share it, and remix it, however you will need to attribute us, share and not charge for it.

Our work is licensed under content on this site is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

CC BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons


Build it! List of ingredients you need

The idea of this project was to provide a cheap, easy and reliable kit for people to build themselves. We built this kit with the minimum parts we thought were needed – of course, you might come up with an even smaller list of parts!

Here is a full list of parts we used.

2 x trunions (Meccano part #126)
2 x 5 hole strips (Meccano part #5)
2 x 6 hole strips (Meccano part #6)
1 x 11 hole strips (Meccano part #2)
6 x screws (Meccano part #69)
6 x nuts (Meccano part #37h)
1 x 13-20mm jubliee clip
2 x Hue HD webcam
1 USB male – female extension cable
2 packets of blu-tac
1 Allen key
1 Meccano spanner
1 phillips head (cross head) screwdriver
1 Windows computer (or a virtual machine)
Camstudio software
You can also download a pdf copy of our parts list to help when you’re constructing.

Built it! A short tutorial video.

Use it! Sample task on a Nokia E66

Recorded for Euro IA 2010


Use it! Sample task on an old iPhone 3G

This is a sample task we carried out during the final prototype design of the testing kit. Again, you can see the picture-in-picture approach showing the device display, and the users face.



Use it! Sample task on a HTC Desire HD

Here is an a video of the user task sample we carried out for the Information Architecture Summit in Denver 2011.

As you can see, the users face is recorded, showing their expressions, and also all the input via the keyboard and the output on the display.

The task was:

“On your mobile device go to the Denver Zoo website. Find instructions on how to get from the Colorado Convention Centre to the Denver Zoo, using public transport.”

IA Summit 2010 presentation

We were very excited to have our DIY Mobile Usability Testing presentation accepted for the IA Summit 2011 talks.

The first run of our presentation (yes first!) was on the Saturday, April 2nd. It was so well received, we were asked to do it again on the Sunday “Quickfire sessions”.

Below is the slideshare deck of our presentation-